Friday, January 21, 2005

You'll never shine if you don't glow...


this cough is still sucking the life out of me. if i'm still like this after the weekend i may have to make another date with the doctor. ugh..

my mom ended up finding the garage door guy she used years ago and he ended up charging her $90 to fix the dumb thing. i actually was able to diagnose the problem b/c i lived in that house before and the same thing happened. i assisted in the repair the first time so i actually knew how to fix it. i would have volunteered to fix it, but i hate getting my hands dirty like that ... and the princess in me thinks it's way too cold outside. i think i could have easily instructed someone else to do it, but the reality of it is that no one who knows me well would readily listen to my instructions while truly believing i knew what i was talking about... heck, i not sure i would believe that. thanks ken for offering to fix but by the time i got your message it was already done.

i went to see jordan again last night.. what a sweetie.. once again she gave me a kiss without any prompting other than, "bye jordan!".. before yesterday, i would always have to ask her for a hug or kiss.. now she just gives me one. doesn't get better than that.

click here for our ball hockey score sheet. it's really not that interesting.. but i'm really not that interesting and here you are reading my blog... if you somehow figure out a way i can get more points, please feel free to share.

ahhh friday.. i love fridays. i'm also looking fwd to tomorrow. i've enrolled in a motorcycle instructor course. although most people will tell you that i'm a pretty outgoing person, i am, like most people, terrified about standing in front of a group to speak.. hopefully this will help me overcome that a little...

oh.. and in case any of you who read this know dave and kat.. they had a baby boy!!!! Both mommy and baby are healthy :)


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