Monday, January 31, 2005

And I've been doing just fine ...

still coughing - at least i've gone back to sleeping through the night. ugh. this is so tiring.


Thursday, January 27, 2005

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

If you are confused, check with the sun

my internal clock has been off by about 4-5 days for a couple weeks now. i don't know why and i can't seem to reset it. this morning i was sure today was the 21st or 22nd and last week, on the 21st i thought it was the 18th. so don't ask me what the date is... i have no idea.

last night i somehow got wrangled into playing in net for ball hockey. no volunteers. i was guilted into doing it since i haven't yet and we are trying to rotate through all the players. i tried, without success, to convince don to automatically give 10 points to any person who volunteers to stand between the pipes ... ugh.. that would have just been too easy and it may have convinced me to play in net more.. but we both knew it wouldn't really be fair because don almost always wins both games when we play - so he'd get 16 points every week just for showing up. that just wouldn't work. frank didn't show up yesterday. frank is the sniper i buddied up with last week to ensure i wasn't last in the point race. i'm not sure where he developed his shot, but man, it really sucks when you get caught in front of one of those. i'm glad he wasn't there to use me as a target.

anyway, i ended up winning both games we played. i'm not sure how that happened because don has gotten really really good in net. i'd like to think that it was my superb goaltending abilities.. but in reality i think it was because my defencemen were playing that much harder in case i sucked. glad to report that i didn't suck nearly as bad as everyone had expected. unlike playing in net on the ice, i actually made quite a few intentional saves / blocks. on the ice, i know it's almost all luck. i try to mimic some goalie moves but i end up flopping around like a beached whale. it's quite the sight. i just might try this goalie thing again.. ok.. not till it's my turn in the rotation again ... i'm not that crazy..


Friday, January 21, 2005

there's something going wrong around here...

why is it that i have trouble getting into first gear when it's cold outside? does anyone else have that problem? it is something i should be concerned about? second gear is working fine. please enlighten me.


You'll never shine if you don't glow...


this cough is still sucking the life out of me. if i'm still like this after the weekend i may have to make another date with the doctor. ugh..

my mom ended up finding the garage door guy she used years ago and he ended up charging her $90 to fix the dumb thing. i actually was able to diagnose the problem b/c i lived in that house before and the same thing happened. i assisted in the repair the first time so i actually knew how to fix it. i would have volunteered to fix it, but i hate getting my hands dirty like that ... and the princess in me thinks it's way too cold outside. i think i could have easily instructed someone else to do it, but the reality of it is that no one who knows me well would readily listen to my instructions while truly believing i knew what i was talking about... heck, i not sure i would believe that. thanks ken for offering to fix but by the time i got your message it was already done.

i went to see jordan again last night.. what a sweetie.. once again she gave me a kiss without any prompting other than, "bye jordan!".. before yesterday, i would always have to ask her for a hug or kiss.. now she just gives me one. doesn't get better than that.

click here for our ball hockey score sheet. it's really not that interesting.. but i'm really not that interesting and here you are reading my blog... if you somehow figure out a way i can get more points, please feel free to share.

ahhh friday.. i love fridays. i'm also looking fwd to tomorrow. i've enrolled in a motorcycle instructor course. although most people will tell you that i'm a pretty outgoing person, i am, like most people, terrified about standing in front of a group to speak.. hopefully this will help me overcome that a little...

oh.. and in case any of you who read this know dave and kat.. they had a baby boy!!!! Both mommy and baby are healthy :)


Thursday, January 20, 2005

Nobody said it was easy...

my mom is getting older. i think someone tried to rip her off today. the repair moron wanted to charge her $300+ to fix a garage door opener. can't you buy a new one for that price? he couldn't even tell her what was wrong with it.

i'm happy to report that my mom had to good sense to tell the guy screw off (ok.. she didn't really say that.. but i wish she had) and went looking for someone more honest. i am truly disappointed though, that there are people who take advantage of situations like that.


Wednesday, January 19, 2005

You don’t know how lovely you are...

this morning started out as usual.. up at 6:30am to drive sama and skye to school. business as usual, out of the door by 7:30am ... ahhh.. snow - i don't recall anyone saying anything about a snow storm ... long story short, what should have taken me an hour ended up taking almost 3 hours. tired of driving and really really late for work i decided to take an extra 10 minutes to go home to turn a light off. remember the car trouble i had a couple days ago? i noticed that my car was running a little hot, called t to tell her and within a couple seconds, only 2 minutes from home, my car starts billowing white smoke. CRAP! i pull over to the side. panicked and now with my car filling with the smoke, i opened my door and hoped that my car wasn't on fire. no flames. white smoke. fire would be black smoke. (is that rational thinking?) i called don who was nearby. i told him what had happened and that i was going to call CAA to send a tow truck. the woman on the phone told me that the wait would be anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. 3 hours??? what? 3 hours... i looked around and realized that there wasn't really any place i could go to that was close enough for me to be able to return to my car when the tow truck came. i looked for a blanket in my car and was preparing for the long wait when don pulled up behind me. WHEW! i was so glad to see him - his car will be warm. so we sat and sat and waited and waited. (thanks don!!!) oddly enough, don's car was also having temperature problems and he was already planning on bringing it to the mechanic as well.

i called work again.. told them i prob wouldn't make it in today. the tow truck finally came, picked up my car and took it to the mechanic. last week, it was the water pump, today, the radiator. grrrr... mental note: look for a new car. so don drove me home and i again called t to see if i could borrow a car to either go to work or to pick up the kids. i decided on the latter.

the rest of my day went pretty much without incident except for the salmon which was slightly overcooked. picked up kids, picked up car, visited costco.

funny ... all this happens - very frustrating... but i sat on my couch about an hour ago and thought about today... the one thing that really stands out, the one thing that i wanted to share with my kids about my day, was that jordan - my beautiful niece, leaned over on her own to give me a kiss when i told her i was leaving her house. this day was certainly not one that i would have chosen to remember ... and because of that one little action, it will be one that i will never forget :).


Tuesday, January 18, 2005

in the eyes of a passerby...

i'm feeling happy today ... not that i'm usually not happy, but today it's more blissful, content and peaceful. my mind isn't filled with a whirlwind of jumbled thoughts and my body, although fatigued from the constant coughing, is feeling rested and like it's finally trying to defeat the cough. (damn, i forgot to puff this morning)... up until this point, i was sure the cough was going to get the best of me.

we played ball hockey last night. as usual, it was fun and a really great work out. i think the puffer is making my heart race more than usual, making it slightly uncomfortable at times. i'm ok as long as i'm running around and playing but once i get off and sit, my heart pounds so hard it feels like it's going to jump out of my chest. not comfortable at all. i'll have to keep an eye on that.

so don and t decided to keep stats for bh now - goals, assists, +/-, wins - i think that's it. after long discussions i think i finally understand what qualifies as an assist and where +/- comes into play. i think goals and wins are pretty straight forward and i never bothered to ask if it involved something more than the obvious. if you know it does, please enlighten me.

i just play hockey, i don't know hockey.

during the first game i spent most of the time trying to figure out all these points and how they work. i know i'm way too competitive to be sitting in last place without trying so i decided i'd devise a system to ensure that i wouldn't sit in last place. the reality is that i don't play seriously enough to score frequently and although i do pass often to others who score, but i can't really depend on others to get me points. that leaves the +/- and wins. wins i can't control without being able to score consistantly. ... so that leaves +/-. i further investigated the whole +/- concept. all of a sudden, WHAM!!! it hit me like a tonne of bricks. i would just have to latch onto the guy who i thought was the best player and as long as i'm on while he's on, he does the scoring, i possibly assist once or twice and i get a tonne of + points. so that's what i did. he ended up with 8 goals and i was on for half of those ...

anyway, i'm happy to report that after 2 games i'm +8.5 tied for 6th with 2 others. 13 players. that puts me right in the middle. (i'm looking at the modified scoring because that one makes more sense to me. the difference is that the modified scoring gives 1.5 points per assist instead of one). i got one goal, one assist and one win. the rest has to do with +/- i guess (LOL ... see how i report this with so much confidence .. i'm trying to seem like i know what i'm talking about but really, i have no idea, who am i kidding?)

LOL. i feel a little guilty about being in the middle of the pack.. i'm not sure why though ... i didn't cheat or anything esp. since i announced my intentions to everyone. i just mastered the art of shifting with the best player. is that so wrong?


Monday, January 17, 2005

love is all around...

i'm in love.. :)

with this...




don't waste the pretty

ok.. so i'm directionally challenged... i just needed to share that... i can admit that.

a few weeks ago, i was driving on wilson. not sure if i was headed in the right direction and almost late to my appointment, i sped up a little so that i wouldn't travel in the wrong direction for too long. all of a sudden, "CRAP!" a cop had jumped out in front of my car and pointed for me to pull over. Damn, how fast was i going??? i had no idea.. this was during those couple weeks where i was sick. under normal circumstances (those who know me well will attest to this), i turn on the charm and somehow talk my way out of the ticket. it works ... most of the time.. in any case, i quickly surveilled the surroundings, took a deep breath and watched the cop approach in my mirror. i was in no mood to turn on the charm and was feeling so crappy and just wanted to go home. i decided to just suck it in and take the ticket - afterall, i WAS speeding. i rolled down my window and right away, i was glad i didn't waste the pretty. the challenge would have been fun and i'm almost always up for a really good challenge, but i really wasn't feeling well enough to play for long. "you were speeding," he said. "i know" i replied as he walked away and wrote the ticket.

i headed to the courts last week to plead guilty with an explanation or not guilty to get a court date. i hadn't decided which. i later found out that if you plead guilty with an expanation, you can still go to trial if you don't like what the judge offers you. so i went with that.

knowing my poor sense of direction coupled with the absence of instruction, i decided to give some extra time to get to the court so that i would be back on time for skye's piano lesson. as always, the rest was a blur. i don't remember things well when i'm confused. i was going in one direction and then the road turned and then this and that.. and in no time i ended up near the airport - ok.. i actually don't know that i was near the airport.. i just think that i might have been - maybe it was brampton or mississauga .. i dunno.

i'm not sure if there is a moral of this story or why i'm even blogging it a all ... and... unfortunately there is no lesson learned here as there is not much i can do to gain a better sense of direction. all i've learned in my life is to take note of landmarks and then i will be able to find my way out. that doesn't help when i'm lost all the time though.

i could have perhaps mapquested the directions, but as always the side of me that seeks adventure thought it would too easy of a journey to actually map it first. i really should know better but i'm in denial.. i know that... i've been jonesin' for my bike lately, perhaps i just jumped into my riding mode where it's ok to get lost cuz it just means more riding. in hindsight, thinking back to when i got the ticket, sometimes it's just not worth it to turn "it" on. that def. was a good call.


Thursday, January 13, 2005

i found a way to make you smile....

i looked for the little girl in the blue jacket yesterday and today. we left a bit later than usual so i wasn't surprised that we didn't see her. sama has started calling her "penguin girl". she had the hood on her jacket wrapped so tightly around her head that she could barely turn her head. without any peripheral vision, she may have not seen the grass that would have saved her from the second fall. i keep on picturing those "national geographic" type specials on penguins and see them waddling across the ice and snow.. and how clumsy they sometimes are. i can see now why she coined "penguin girl".

Yay!!! the killers cd that i ordered for skye came in today. the temptation to peel off the plastic and pop it in my 'puter here at work is great!! it's calling out to me... i can hear it as i fondle the package. i know skye loves to open things first and be the first to use it. i have to resist! damn.. the things i do for my kids.

i was excited yesterday to have my first blog comment from someone i didn't personally know. thx shandi. not that you will read more.. but in case you do...

i've been reading a little bit every now and then about the tsunami and all the kindness that has come from it as well as all the horrors attached to it. i always feel a bit weird reading all of it... on one page, tells of how much help the aid we are sending over is helping them and then on the next page how kids are being exploited or used. one page shows a member of Canada's DART team helping a child and then on the next page, how a couple of people falsely bid $10000 for a child's drawing on ebay, knowing that all proceeds would be going to tsunami relief. crazy... what's wrong with people? i don't know where i'm going with this and can rant about this forever, so i'll just stop here.

some car trouble yesterday lead me to have dinner with t and her family. wow.. my little niece is sooo cute. it's funny because i think of her as my "real" niece because she is my sister's baby. my ex's sisters' kids, technically are my nieces and nephews too - but that's always been different. i'm not sure why this is ... i know i don't see my aunts and uncles as separate people.

i'm looking forward to playing some hockey tonight. it'll make my cough better - at last while i'm on the ice... i'm really looking forward to the weekend too - not the part where i have to wake up at 7am on Saturday morning after playing hockey till 3am on Friday night- but once i get past that, i should be just fine.

p. buttercup

have heart my dear...

my asthma cough has come back with a vengence. i think even the doc was feeling a bit sorry for me but maybe that's just his style...

so my date with the doc landed me with this...

he said it won't work for a few days and if after 10 days i'm still coughing, go back to see him. didn't he read my blog?? i don't actually remember to use the puffers. so if you happen to talk to me or email me, can you ask if i inhaled today?


Date with a doctor...

Thank goodness this cough hasn't kept me up at night. I'm not sure if perpetually coughing is wearing me out or if it's just me not getting enough sleep. Should i try to sleep even if i'm not tired? do the muscles in your belly get tighter from coughing? i think mine are feeling tighter!?!

i'm going to the doc this afternoon. my regular doc was full so i'm seeing someone else i haven't seen before. why didn't i do this sooner? i should have.

i'm glad i made the appt for today anyway. skye has her trampoline class today and usually i don't get a chance to go early enough to watch. she's was getting tired of the class until she learned to flip. now i wonder why i ever signed her up. i think my grey hairs have increased significantly since she started. i had 2 grey hairs before, i think i'm up to 3 now. that's pretty significant if you're looking at percentages. i'm so proud of her.


Wednesday, January 12, 2005


a few days ago i blogged about feeling much better .. however, since then i seemed to have developed this crazy hacking cough. it's not getting any worse, but also not better (one other reason i need a vacation). i don't really feel crappy from it - just annoyed. i wasn't even coughing this much when i was sick and at home last week.

a few years ago when i had this sort of cough, my doc perscribed one cough syrup after another. none worked. i was still seeing my allergy doc at the time and he told me that my coughs get this way b/c of my asthma. after months of using different puffers i think my cough had just exhausted itself and went away.

i, btw, know i'm in denial about the whole asthma thing. i used to have all sorts of puffers, one to use before any sports, one to use during if needed, one for this, one for that. thing is, that i am not so good at remembering that i have to use them or carrying them around with me. most of the time i just hacked and hacked and gasped for air until i felt better. so one day, i just took hold, threw them all out and decided i was going to live without. it's been pretty good, till now. damn cough.

i broke down the other night after much harrassment from skye and bought some cough drops to suppress the cough when it becomes too unbearable. it works in suppressing it but the problem still exists. maybe it's time to see a doctor about this LOL .. maybe tomorrow... .


little girl in blue jacket

a thin sheet of ice has blanketed the city today. driving wasn't too bad and fortunately all the other drivers i encountered were also being careful despite all the morons the guys on the radio warned me about. it was interesting watching all the kids making their way to school. most walked on the grass because the sidewalks were just too slippery. some girls locked arms using each other to steady their stride ... the most fun were the kids who took a running start and just slid their way to school. how great it must be to not worry about breaking or bruising something. i think the only time i've ever been that way is when i'm fully decked out in all my hockey gear.

there was however one exception. a young girl in a blue jacket. to her, i write this note.

To the little girl in the blue jacket,

i felt bad when i saw you fall down this morning. I looked over to see if you were ok before driving by. i saw you struggling a little bit trying to get onto the sidewalk again but was comforted by the fact that there was a large patch of grass next to you that was not slippery. everyone else who crossed the street with you had carefully stepped onto the grass, so that they would not meet the same fate you had. I am glad that you got up and were not hurt. why did you not step onto the grass as well? was your desire to conquer the icy sidewalk that great? i am sorry that i (we, sama, skye and i) laughed at you when you fell the second time. again you were ok from the fall but had you not been, i would have stopped to help you out. i was not sure if your intention was to be comic relief to those passing you on that street corner or perhaps you were just having so much fun, you just wanted to keep on playing. did you really think that you would be able to make it up that icy hill without boots that had any sort of traction? i later looked back and noticed that you were not happy. i'm really sorry for laughing and i am sorry for trying not to laugh but then laughing some more and i am sorry for continuing to laugh when i again thought about you just disappearing out of sight when you fell the second time.

i was happy to see that you were well on your way when i drove past you again after i dropped sama off. i'm not sure if you had conquered the hill or just surrendered to the grass, but if you did make it up on that ice, i applaud you. well done! Also thank you, because had i not seen you fall down i may have not called my mom to tell her to be very careful today.


Monday, January 10, 2005

leaving on a jet plane...

a few years ago, i went to california on a part business/part pleasure trip. it was supposed to be entirely business but because my company wanted me to stay over on the saturday, i had 3 days to do anything i wanted. i remember landing in LA and just as i stepped off the airplane and headed down the long corridor to the gate, i realized that i had no one there to meet me. i was suddenly overwhelmed with immense lonliness. meeting up with someone is my favourite part of being in an airport. as i approaced the gate, i saw what seemed to be a gazillion of anxious faces hoping that the next person through would be their loved one. for some strange reason, i secretly hoped that by some miracle, i too, would see a familiar face in the crowd, but i also knew that would be virtually impossible since no one knew i was landing at that time. i could see the anticipation and the almost disappointment that my face wasn't the familiar one they were seeking. then there were all the hugs and kisses for those who no longer had to wait. i just love that.

i love going to the airport. i love waiting at the arrival gate and i love watching people leave. there is always so much love. even when you see so much sadness in a person's eyes, to see their loved on flying off somewhere, you know that those tears are because they love that person that much. it is really a beautiful sight.

i was at the airport on friday. a couple locked in the longest embrace, followed by the sweetest, most delicate kiss. not a single word was exchanged, and at the same time, so much was being communicated just by the way they gazed in each other's eyes. nothing had to be said. a man in his 60's maybe, bear hugging two 20 somethings at the same time. again, no words were exchanged. hundreds of people surrounding them and i doubt any of them even noticed.

being at an airport is always like a different world - a place where love is always so apparent. it doesn't get much better than that.


Friday, January 07, 2005

ahh i can finally breathe

i'm feeling much better today. thanks to all those who checked up on me. i love being loved!!!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

supposed to be a snow day

I can hear the snow beading against my window. somehow i got called into work today and now, here i am. i brought my toque today so i'm prepared to shovel all that crap off my car later. i'm still sick. what am i doing here? i can't concentrate. my brain is mush. i want to say i need a nap, but i'm not really sleepy... i just want to go home.

yesterday, i curled up on my couch and watched "love actually" again. i had forgotten how much i really love that movie. i actually got it a while ago but hadn't opened it b/c i didn't want s&s to see the simulated porn scenes. i broke down yesterday in my weakened state and watched it with the not so little one telling her to close her eyes during those scenes. unfortunately i was too into the movie and most of the time she yelled "eeew" and turned her head before i said anything. LOL

i must've sounded very sick when mom called yesterday. she tried to convince me over and over again to take some cough syrup that her doctor perscribed for her and wouldn't let me go back to sleep until i agreed to take it. i reluctantly said yes and she actually stopped by my house to bring it over and to check up on me. i won't take the "koffex". i agreed to take the bottle in case i needed it - but i won't. i've got all kinds of other drugs to make me stop coughing. did i say how much i hate being sick. i love taking the time off work but i hate feeling too ill and wasting a day sleeping. i hate sleeping so much that you can no longer sleep and then sitting in a daze not having the strength to do more and thinking about what makes my world go round or what makes my world stop going around...

so.. here are some sleep and food deprived, drug induced random thoughts from yesterday that i still remember today...

s&s and i made new years resolutions. we decided that we each had to make 3 - one that affected ourselves, one that affected the rest of the family and the third one is a home improvement sort of resoltution. we didn't get them down on paper yet. we started discussing and then got sidetracked. perhaps it wasn't so important afterall. it seemed like a good idea at the time. maybe i should take another stab at it tonight.

i really dislike dishonesty - i mean real lies. why do people find such a need to do so? we all tell little white lies to get on the way more quickly but sometimes lying is just dumb. are you honest with your friends, the ones that really mean something to you? i'd like to think that i am. sometimes it's just not worth it to compromise the trust in someone that cares about you.

"When people show you who they are, believe them the first time." - Maya Angelou. i said this a few weeks ago in this blog. i have thought about this phrase often lately. really hard to do when you hope in the goodness of people. when you believe in the little spark you see in them that shows you they are different. in the end though, i think that the ones that can take the spark and create something useful from it, are far and few between. i just have to remember that part.

i spent a large portion of yesterday waiting. waiting 6 hours to take more tylenol, waiting for this or that show to start, waiting to pick up s&s, waiting for mom to come by... what a really strange thing. wow, do we ever spend a lot of time waiting for things... i actually have a lot more thoughts on this but i'll save it for another day.

i went to June's place to pick up some yarn today to finish the scarf. It's almost done. I should get it done by the weekend so if you see me sporting around a hand knitted scarf, please tell me how lovely it is.

buttercup :)

Wednesday, January 05, 2005


i mistakenly thought i was sick during my last post.. but apparently that wasn't really anything even remotely close to how sick i'm feeling now. i hate sick. i can't even remember the last time i was sick. so i just thought i'd blog about it so that next time i feel this crap, i'll know exactly when it was last that i was feeling this way.

i haven't really been eating. i don't ever remember not eating when i'm sick. i always eat. yesterday, i was coughing till my head hurt and sneezing until i thought i ripped something in my belly. today not so much - yet. just the general, "did anyone get the plate of that truck that hit me?" feeling. oh.. and a fever? i've been getting chills but my kids can't really tell if i have a fever or not, they reach for my forehead as if i've asked them to reach into a bowl of worms. "you look so germy mom!" their hands feel amazingly cool though.

i got up after 12pm today. i don't remember the last time i did that either. that was actually the second time i got up. i got up the first time before 7 so that i could take the kids to school. i barely remember doing that but they are not here and i'm alone at home so i'm assuming that the trip was successful. that can't be healthy. spending 1.5 hrs on the road but without recollection of it.

i'm glad my throat isn't sore. just a lot of phlegm. i think i just wanted to be able to type that word. phlegm. phlegm. phelgm. mmmm yummy phlegm. PHLEGM. i think i'm in love with this word. phlegm. did i just say that? my head is spinning and i keep on staring at the screen wondering if this is making any sense. up until the phlegm part i think it did anyway. phlegm (i just wanted to type that word again). it looks funny now. i just '' it cuz it suddenly doesn't even look like a word. did i spell it right? indeed i did.

phlegm ( P ) Pronunciation Key (flm)
Thick, sticky, stringy mucus secreted by the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, as during a cold or other respiratory infection.

i'm babbling. phlegm. off for a nap.


Saturday, January 01, 2005

so begins 2005....

i'm sick. slightly sore throat, slight cough, slight runny nose. nothing serious but just making me a bit tired and craving a hot bath and just some rest. not a bad thing after this hectic holiday.

i recently met June who sells yarn.

she recommended this yarn

so i started knitting this scarf

it's actually turning out well but very slow. i must be sick cuz i keep on missing stitches and dropping this or that and then i end up frogging. maybe it's time for a nap.

i really love the christmas season. our family always has a big thing on christmas and then on new years. time for us to see the relatives we only see once or twice a year. (the only other time we all get together is when uncle wally comes to town). anyway, at some point in the history of our family, someone decided they had to make themselves appear taller than the others he was standing beside by standing on his tiptoes while posing for family portraits. along with that came other mischievious actions that would somehow make the picture funnier. so, with that started a strange tradition where no family picture goes without someone trying to out-tall everyone else or tickle the person in front of them or messing the hair of the person in front just before the shutter clicked.. some of us even have photographic proof (sadly, not digital) that even our aunts and uncles, mums and dads, have particpated in all of this. i sometimes think i should look at these pictures as a nice family portrait.. but instead i almost always look for the "funny thing" that lurks in the picture... but in the end i always end up smiling and even sometimes laughing out loud at all the fun and laughter we had while the we take the pics. i guess that should really be the point of the family portraits, right?

and btw, sama is the tallest of all of us. i'm so proud of that.



Happy New Year!!

happy new year everybody!!! (ok.. perhaps to only the 3 of you who read this)...


This hopefully will make a pic of my bike appear. :)

pb :)


i'm not sure i would want everyone in the world to watch Oprah but i def. think watching it would be of great benefit to some people i know ... when i started watching it way back when, i remember thinking that it was entertaining but not really much more entertaining than any other show... ... but now when i watch it, i find that everyday i seem to walk away wishing some of my friends would watch it too. i think some people out there could really learn from it. it's always so enlightening.

yesterday's show was about etiquette advice - ask the expert. (this really has no relevance to the paragraph above) So she had a panel of experts on answering all sorts of questions from, what to wear when visiting the gynecologist to the brazilian wax. it was a little refreshing to see that other women wonder socks on or socks off when in the stirrups ... in any case, if you're wondering, the consensus was socks on, shoes off. who wants to put their bare feet in those things anyway.. you don't know who's feet were there ... and does a brazilian wax really make one more free? do i need to be more free?? on a scale of 1-10 giving birth is a 10. they said a brazilian wax is about an 8.5. wow.. that's a lot of voluntary pain.

i may have to particpate in that one day just to say i've done it,... but not today... or anytime in my near future.

i stared writing this blog a month ago and now, i have no idea where i was going with it... so i'm just going to post this as is. one less unfinished thing on my list.