Wednesday, January 12, 2005

little girl in blue jacket

a thin sheet of ice has blanketed the city today. driving wasn't too bad and fortunately all the other drivers i encountered were also being careful despite all the morons the guys on the radio warned me about. it was interesting watching all the kids making their way to school. most walked on the grass because the sidewalks were just too slippery. some girls locked arms using each other to steady their stride ... the most fun were the kids who took a running start and just slid their way to school. how great it must be to not worry about breaking or bruising something. i think the only time i've ever been that way is when i'm fully decked out in all my hockey gear.

there was however one exception. a young girl in a blue jacket. to her, i write this note.

To the little girl in the blue jacket,

i felt bad when i saw you fall down this morning. I looked over to see if you were ok before driving by. i saw you struggling a little bit trying to get onto the sidewalk again but was comforted by the fact that there was a large patch of grass next to you that was not slippery. everyone else who crossed the street with you had carefully stepped onto the grass, so that they would not meet the same fate you had. I am glad that you got up and were not hurt. why did you not step onto the grass as well? was your desire to conquer the icy sidewalk that great? i am sorry that i (we, sama, skye and i) laughed at you when you fell the second time. again you were ok from the fall but had you not been, i would have stopped to help you out. i was not sure if your intention was to be comic relief to those passing you on that street corner or perhaps you were just having so much fun, you just wanted to keep on playing. did you really think that you would be able to make it up that icy hill without boots that had any sort of traction? i later looked back and noticed that you were not happy. i'm really sorry for laughing and i am sorry for trying not to laugh but then laughing some more and i am sorry for continuing to laugh when i again thought about you just disappearing out of sight when you fell the second time.

i was happy to see that you were well on your way when i drove past you again after i dropped sama off. i'm not sure if you had conquered the hill or just surrendered to the grass, but if you did make it up on that ice, i applaud you. well done! Also thank you, because had i not seen you fall down i may have not called my mom to tell her to be very careful today.


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