Monday, January 17, 2005

don't waste the pretty

ok.. so i'm directionally challenged... i just needed to share that... i can admit that.

a few weeks ago, i was driving on wilson. not sure if i was headed in the right direction and almost late to my appointment, i sped up a little so that i wouldn't travel in the wrong direction for too long. all of a sudden, "CRAP!" a cop had jumped out in front of my car and pointed for me to pull over. Damn, how fast was i going??? i had no idea.. this was during those couple weeks where i was sick. under normal circumstances (those who know me well will attest to this), i turn on the charm and somehow talk my way out of the ticket. it works ... most of the time.. in any case, i quickly surveilled the surroundings, took a deep breath and watched the cop approach in my mirror. i was in no mood to turn on the charm and was feeling so crappy and just wanted to go home. i decided to just suck it in and take the ticket - afterall, i WAS speeding. i rolled down my window and right away, i was glad i didn't waste the pretty. the challenge would have been fun and i'm almost always up for a really good challenge, but i really wasn't feeling well enough to play for long. "you were speeding," he said. "i know" i replied as he walked away and wrote the ticket.

i headed to the courts last week to plead guilty with an explanation or not guilty to get a court date. i hadn't decided which. i later found out that if you plead guilty with an expanation, you can still go to trial if you don't like what the judge offers you. so i went with that.

knowing my poor sense of direction coupled with the absence of instruction, i decided to give some extra time to get to the court so that i would be back on time for skye's piano lesson. as always, the rest was a blur. i don't remember things well when i'm confused. i was going in one direction and then the road turned and then this and that.. and in no time i ended up near the airport - ok.. i actually don't know that i was near the airport.. i just think that i might have been - maybe it was brampton or mississauga .. i dunno.

i'm not sure if there is a moral of this story or why i'm even blogging it a all ... and... unfortunately there is no lesson learned here as there is not much i can do to gain a better sense of direction. all i've learned in my life is to take note of landmarks and then i will be able to find my way out. that doesn't help when i'm lost all the time though.

i could have perhaps mapquested the directions, but as always the side of me that seeks adventure thought it would too easy of a journey to actually map it first. i really should know better but i'm in denial.. i know that... i've been jonesin' for my bike lately, perhaps i just jumped into my riding mode where it's ok to get lost cuz it just means more riding. in hindsight, thinking back to when i got the ticket, sometimes it's just not worth it to turn "it" on. that def. was a good call.


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willoecoyote said...

If you are ever lost, look at the street numbers.

ODD numbers are on the South or East side of the street.
EVEN numbers are on the North or West side of the street.

Streets running North / South - numbers start increasing from the Lake going North.
Streets running East / West - numbers start from Yonge Street and increase going East or West.