Thursday, January 13, 2005

Date with a doctor...

Thank goodness this cough hasn't kept me up at night. I'm not sure if perpetually coughing is wearing me out or if it's just me not getting enough sleep. Should i try to sleep even if i'm not tired? do the muscles in your belly get tighter from coughing? i think mine are feeling tighter!?!

i'm going to the doc this afternoon. my regular doc was full so i'm seeing someone else i haven't seen before. why didn't i do this sooner? i should have.

i'm glad i made the appt for today anyway. skye has her trampoline class today and usually i don't get a chance to go early enough to watch. she's was getting tired of the class until she learned to flip. now i wonder why i ever signed her up. i think my grey hairs have increased significantly since she started. i had 2 grey hairs before, i think i'm up to 3 now. that's pretty significant if you're looking at percentages. i'm so proud of her.


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