Thursday, May 26, 2005

don't let it get away...

YAY!! Skye was voted valedictorian for her graduating class!! That was the good news from yesterday....

it was however preceeded by this....

up until yesterday i had never seen a broken nose. i've seen them after they've healed and i've seen them on TV.. but never in real life just after it happens.

skye broke her nose yesterday. this btw, is her second baseball injury. last year at around the same time she came home with a black and blue finger, after running into her friend. after sitting in emergency for 8 or so hours, the doctor confirmed it. broken.

yesterday, was a little more dramatic. when i usually get a call from her school, it's usually skye or the receptionist saying that she's not feeling well and wants to go home. however, when it's her teacher calling ... i know something is wrong. yes.. that dreaded call. "hi pb, this is mr. c". my heart stopped. something happened to skye. it's like that old adage "no news is good news"... it's never good news when the teacher calls. "skye got hurt playing baseball." "again???" i asked. "yeah... she caught a pop fly with her nose." i thought, what?? her nose??? where was that glove she made me go with her to get the other night at 11pm. why didn't she use the glove? after a few minutes of evaluating if she had to go to emergency or not, i decided to take her anyway.

thank goodness skye was in good spirits and laughing in the background when he called. my heart was pounding and i was already in a panic when i heard mr. c's voice. when i finally got to her school to pick her up, she was still pretty happy. but ... the blood.. so much blood (i'm so glad i didn't see the pool she so vividly described to me) and ohhhh.. the swelling ... i can't even begin to describe the swelling. i still can't look at her without my eyes tearing up.

4 hours in the emergency room, 2 minutes with the doctor. again, broken. this time, no splint, nothing. too much swelling and too much blood at the time. ugh.

so we agreed. no more baseball for a while and if she does want to play baseball, i certainly won't mind investing in a full caged helmet for her.


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

If you never tried, then you'll never know...

I have this love – hate relationship with the game of golf. What’s there not to love?? A few hours of frolicking in the sun with 3 friends that you love hanging with, good exercise when we don’t rent a cart and when we do… it’s even more fun driving the golf cart around. After 9 or 18 holes, I’m nicely sun-kissed and got a few good shots out, had tonnes of fun …

I love golfing.

Who am I kidding? Yes it’s sunny … but honestly, the sun has never kissed me, it beats the crap out of me with a big fat burn on my head shoulders and neck… hurts to move, hurts to lie down, hurts to shower. Yes, I have heard about sunscreen.

A few good shots. Let me define this. We were at a par 5 course. Thank god we only played 9 holes. I doubled par almost every hole – ok… EVERY hole except for one which was a par 2 or 3 and I got a true 4. Sometimes it took me 6 strokes before I even got anywhere near mb or paul’s drive off the tee. So out of something like 70 – 100 shots (not swings.. I don’t count it when I swing and miss the ball completely, even though I should) I may have had 10 good shots. WOW - a whopping 10-15% of my shots are relatively good? LOL.

I keep on forgetting, but I usually only last for about 8 or 9 holes before I get bored on a par 3 course. Sunday’s game was par 5. I was done after hole 3. There was a water hazard at every hole – so it seemed. I know I can’t make it over some of the water hazards so most of the time I just took the drop on the other side.

Mb got negative yardage on one swing – a feat I only thought yves was capable of. His ball hit a tree and rebounded about 15-20 feet behind him. He also looked for a MIA ball behind a couple trees at one point only to find that will’s drive off the tee found its way through all the trees to his head. Luckily his oakley’s were on his head and took the brunt of the impact. We’ll have to shop for another pair of sunglasses but at least his noggin is still intact and unscathed.

I didn’t lose too many balls and probably found as many as I lost but not without consequences. I walked through some branches to look for my lost ball and ended coming out with my legs covered in scratches top to bottom which, by the way, I was allergic to. The scratches turned into huge red welts and my legs were all splotchy for about 4 holes. How deceiving though, because the scratches didn’t even hurt till I showered that night.. and thank goodness for that because the burn from the water on the scratches way over shadowed the pain from the hot water hitting my sunburn..

All in all, a great day. I still got to spend the morning hanging with 3 people I love to hang with, the battle scars from the 9 holes were not really that bad and in the end, I still love golfing. Sunday was the lovely mb’s bday and mother’s day. 1/2 price for 9 holes for mommies. we spent the rest of the day napping, stuffing our faces with cake and then a bbq.

Happy Birthday GCL. I hope you had as much fun as I did.