Saturday, June 18, 2005

Before it starts, before I begin?

oh how soon things just fall back into place ...

skye and i spent a whole day last week at the hospital repairing her crooked nose. the waiting took forever because the surgery wasn't scheduled, but the actual surgery was fairly quick.

and.. no black eyes, no swelling. what a relief.

she no longer has pain her black eyes are gone.. and all the swelling is going. quite amazing really.

her nose is still a little crooked. any further surgery will require an incision - but we'll see again in 3 months or so.

i'm sick. my throat is really sore. i missed hockey again last night. 4th week in a row. ugh.

sama just finished her chem exam. she said it was really hard but i'm sure she did well. she always does.

i woke up this morning and watched "Becoming.." on much. backstreet boys. isn't that funny. i don't think i've ever seen a backstreet boy video and sat and watched the "becoming.." version. i must be sick.


Monday, June 13, 2005

All these things that i've done

A few weekends ago, i worked my second of two apprentice teaching weekends. What does that mean? Apprentice weekends are pay-free teaching weekends. I got scammed into this one. I was originally signed up for a “regular” weekend but prior commitments for the in class on Wednesday allowed me to be available to teach an “all women weekend”.

Unpaid. No wonder the other instructors made fun of me for agreeing to take the all women weekend … Now
I know why… LOL

Don’t get me wrong. I had a tonne of fun – and would gladly do another women's weekend.

My first apprentice weekend was wet and miserable. I don't think it stopped raining once. So, I was thrilled to see 60% chance of rain for the women's weekend. the overcast clouds allowed the sun to hide for most of the day. we lucked out and didn't feel a drop of rain except for a little spitting at the very end of the day.

In the late morning the sun decided to poke out from behind some clouds for about an hour. Once again i was caught off guard slapped with another sunburn. OUCH.

The women’s weekend - wow.. you really need patience for this one – definitely a good one to have under my belt. i can't tell you that i have a lot of patience nor can i even begin to say how much of it i do possess. Before this weekend i would have guessed that i would have a lot less patience. Our saving grace was that there was six of us to take turns coddling and dealing with the tears.

Riding a motorcycle has always been pretty easy for me and when something comes so naturally for me it's hard to understand why it doesn’t connect with someone else. now, having taught a few weekends, I’ve realized that some people are just not cut out to be on two wheels. Just like T will never go near any type of pet now matter how much you emphasize that it won’t hurt her and isn’t coming after her - some
people will never realize that the brake is there in case you do give too much throttle and others will be confident that the brake is there… but just forget
to use it…

i just finished my 4th weekend this past weekend. sunburned again but that's not new. sunscreen doesn't help that much...

What have I learned during these teaching weekends??

I’ve learned to jump – far and quickly out of the way. Really not a hard lesson to learn when you have a 300lb motorized vehicle heading in your direction.

I know now that it’s harder to push a motorcycle up a ramp backwards than it is to pick up one that is lying on its side.

Some people look like they can ride.. but can't... some people look like they can't ride... but can..

I’m still a little reluctant to speak in front of people .. ok.. a lot reluctant ... that "i'm going to vomit" feeling only appears right before i have to teach a lesson not all day anymore.... …

but as with all things, in time, that too will go away.... i hope.