Tuesday, January 18, 2005

in the eyes of a passerby...

i'm feeling happy today ... not that i'm usually not happy, but today it's more blissful, content and peaceful. my mind isn't filled with a whirlwind of jumbled thoughts and my body, although fatigued from the constant coughing, is feeling rested and like it's finally trying to defeat the cough. (damn, i forgot to puff this morning)... up until this point, i was sure the cough was going to get the best of me.

we played ball hockey last night. as usual, it was fun and a really great work out. i think the puffer is making my heart race more than usual, making it slightly uncomfortable at times. i'm ok as long as i'm running around and playing but once i get off and sit, my heart pounds so hard it feels like it's going to jump out of my chest. not comfortable at all. i'll have to keep an eye on that.

so don and t decided to keep stats for bh now - goals, assists, +/-, wins - i think that's it. after long discussions i think i finally understand what qualifies as an assist and where +/- comes into play. i think goals and wins are pretty straight forward and i never bothered to ask if it involved something more than the obvious. if you know it does, please enlighten me.

i just play hockey, i don't know hockey.

during the first game i spent most of the time trying to figure out all these points and how they work. i know i'm way too competitive to be sitting in last place without trying so i decided i'd devise a system to ensure that i wouldn't sit in last place. the reality is that i don't play seriously enough to score frequently and although i do pass often to others who score, but i can't really depend on others to get me points. that leaves the +/- and wins. wins i can't control without being able to score consistantly. ... so that leaves +/-. i further investigated the whole +/- concept. all of a sudden, WHAM!!! it hit me like a tonne of bricks. i would just have to latch onto the guy who i thought was the best player and as long as i'm on while he's on, he does the scoring, i possibly assist once or twice and i get a tonne of + points. so that's what i did. he ended up with 8 goals and i was on for half of those ...

anyway, i'm happy to report that after 2 games i'm +8.5 tied for 6th with 2 others. 13 players. that puts me right in the middle. (i'm looking at the modified scoring because that one makes more sense to me. the difference is that the modified scoring gives 1.5 points per assist instead of one). i got one goal, one assist and one win. the rest has to do with +/- i guess (LOL ... see how i report this with so much confidence .. i'm trying to seem like i know what i'm talking about but really, i have no idea, who am i kidding?)

LOL. i feel a little guilty about being in the middle of the pack.. i'm not sure why though ... i didn't cheat or anything esp. since i announced my intentions to everyone. i just mastered the art of shifting with the best player. is that so wrong?


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