Tuesday, January 25, 2005

If you are confused, check with the sun

my internal clock has been off by about 4-5 days for a couple weeks now. i don't know why and i can't seem to reset it. this morning i was sure today was the 21st or 22nd and last week, on the 21st i thought it was the 18th. so don't ask me what the date is... i have no idea.

last night i somehow got wrangled into playing in net for ball hockey. no volunteers. i was guilted into doing it since i haven't yet and we are trying to rotate through all the players. i tried, without success, to convince don to automatically give 10 points to any person who volunteers to stand between the pipes ... ugh.. that would have just been too easy and it may have convinced me to play in net more.. but we both knew it wouldn't really be fair because don almost always wins both games when we play - so he'd get 16 points every week just for showing up. that just wouldn't work. frank didn't show up yesterday. frank is the sniper i buddied up with last week to ensure i wasn't last in the point race. i'm not sure where he developed his shot, but man, it really sucks when you get caught in front of one of those. i'm glad he wasn't there to use me as a target.

anyway, i ended up winning both games we played. i'm not sure how that happened because don has gotten really really good in net. i'd like to think that it was my superb goaltending abilities.. but in reality i think it was because my defencemen were playing that much harder in case i sucked. glad to report that i didn't suck nearly as bad as everyone had expected. unlike playing in net on the ice, i actually made quite a few intentional saves / blocks. on the ice, i know it's almost all luck. i try to mimic some goalie moves but i end up flopping around like a beached whale. it's quite the sight. i just might try this goalie thing again.. ok.. not till it's my turn in the rotation again ... i'm not that crazy..


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