Wednesday, January 19, 2005

You don’t know how lovely you are...

this morning started out as usual.. up at 6:30am to drive sama and skye to school. business as usual, out of the door by 7:30am ... ahhh.. snow - i don't recall anyone saying anything about a snow storm ... long story short, what should have taken me an hour ended up taking almost 3 hours. tired of driving and really really late for work i decided to take an extra 10 minutes to go home to turn a light off. remember the car trouble i had a couple days ago? i noticed that my car was running a little hot, called t to tell her and within a couple seconds, only 2 minutes from home, my car starts billowing white smoke. CRAP! i pull over to the side. panicked and now with my car filling with the smoke, i opened my door and hoped that my car wasn't on fire. no flames. white smoke. fire would be black smoke. (is that rational thinking?) i called don who was nearby. i told him what had happened and that i was going to call CAA to send a tow truck. the woman on the phone told me that the wait would be anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. 3 hours??? what? 3 hours... i looked around and realized that there wasn't really any place i could go to that was close enough for me to be able to return to my car when the tow truck came. i looked for a blanket in my car and was preparing for the long wait when don pulled up behind me. WHEW! i was so glad to see him - his car will be warm. so we sat and sat and waited and waited. (thanks don!!!) oddly enough, don's car was also having temperature problems and he was already planning on bringing it to the mechanic as well.

i called work again.. told them i prob wouldn't make it in today. the tow truck finally came, picked up my car and took it to the mechanic. last week, it was the water pump, today, the radiator. grrrr... mental note: look for a new car. so don drove me home and i again called t to see if i could borrow a car to either go to work or to pick up the kids. i decided on the latter.

the rest of my day went pretty much without incident except for the salmon which was slightly overcooked. picked up kids, picked up car, visited costco.

funny ... all this happens - very frustrating... but i sat on my couch about an hour ago and thought about today... the one thing that really stands out, the one thing that i wanted to share with my kids about my day, was that jordan - my beautiful niece, leaned over on her own to give me a kiss when i told her i was leaving her house. this day was certainly not one that i would have chosen to remember ... and because of that one little action, it will be one that i will never forget :).


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