Wednesday, January 12, 2005


a few days ago i blogged about feeling much better .. however, since then i seemed to have developed this crazy hacking cough. it's not getting any worse, but also not better (one other reason i need a vacation). i don't really feel crappy from it - just annoyed. i wasn't even coughing this much when i was sick and at home last week.

a few years ago when i had this sort of cough, my doc perscribed one cough syrup after another. none worked. i was still seeing my allergy doc at the time and he told me that my coughs get this way b/c of my asthma. after months of using different puffers i think my cough had just exhausted itself and went away.

i, btw, know i'm in denial about the whole asthma thing. i used to have all sorts of puffers, one to use before any sports, one to use during if needed, one for this, one for that. thing is, that i am not so good at remembering that i have to use them or carrying them around with me. most of the time i just hacked and hacked and gasped for air until i felt better. so one day, i just took hold, threw them all out and decided i was going to live without. it's been pretty good, till now. damn cough.

i broke down the other night after much harrassment from skye and bought some cough drops to suppress the cough when it becomes too unbearable. it works in suppressing it but the problem still exists. maybe it's time to see a doctor about this LOL .. maybe tomorrow... .


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