Friday, February 11, 2005

So what's wrong with taking the back streets

i'd like to say that i'm taking a break from reviewing some notes but who would i be kidding.. most of you who know me know that i just don't work that way. i haven't picked up any notes all day. i was just about to, when i thought of something to blog about.. so here i am once again...

this morning.. while deliberating about whether to do some work or some review for my course, i got a msg from a far away friend ... i asked "whatcha been up to??" ... he replied by hooking me up to his webcam. there he was in the middle of namba, japan late at night, next to a closed internet cafe, borrowing a wireless connection from a coffee house nearby. he stood there shivering, with his camera propped up on his handlebars, his laptop at the other end of his bike, while showing me the guy who was selling s3x, a group of people standing across the street and all the shops nearby... i even sent him a text message to his phone and he showed me his phone ringing.. :) that was just so very cool. thx b.



thesnowdog said...

neat. I blogged three times tonight.

willoecoyote said...

All Star