Friday, February 11, 2005

oh no, i've said too much, i haven't said enough

skye has a PA day today. she's at home sleeping. i got to work early today thinking - half day.. get in early, get more work done. i don't feel like working. the sun is shining and beckoning. thank god for half days.

can someone explain these stats to me? i think i'm happy just to get a mention in the commentary cuz the stats don't really mean anything to me. i think my goal from here on in is just to get on the player of the week list. who cares about stats anyway??

all i have to say about the stats is thank goodness for occasional players.. at first glance they make me look like not so bad of a player...

i took some pics of bh last week but they were dark and i haven't had time to edit.

i know why i'm no longer in school. i hate studying. i remember that now.. ugh. maybe i'll study a while instead of getting some work done. someone told me that he gets an adrenoline rush when he is studying. i must have gotten in the wrong line when God was passing out the link to adrenoline and studying.

getting back to work.. for real this time.



willoecoyote said...

Hey yums, if you pick a number and "connect the dots" to that number, you will get a picture of a dinosaur.

willoecoyote said...

Losing My Religion