Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Nothing could ever be so wrong

recently, someone who will, for now, remain nameless, proclaimed himself to be my movie buddy (MB)... sometimes even calling ME "movie buddy", to reinforce the fact that my movie passes are to be shared with him and him alone. to my chagrin, his jedi mind tricks have been slowly but surely working its way into my head. as much as i don't like admitting it, he has been the first person i've called for the past several movies.

HOWEVER... i can justify this... i'm not that easy ... i've been playing along well and little does he know, i've turned on my feminine wiles to match his jedi mind tricks and have convinced him to buy me pre movie dinner almost every time ... (sometimes there is no time for both dinner and movie) ... so it works out for both of us ... we both love movies, we both love to eat ... now, if only i can use those feminine wiles and get him to buy after movie bubble tea each time, i'd be set. oh.. and the bonus (there's always a bonus) is that he's adorable...

here's the glitch (there's always a glitch too). my choice of movie is always the fluffy light ones that warm your heart and feed your soul - full of romance and laughter and all that good stuff. his choice? blood, guts n gore and shoot 'em up, blow 'em up movies. we agreed, "you pick one, i pick one..."

in the past month, we've seen..

Ocean's 12 (this one was a neutral choice - MB chose a movie with lots of eye candy so i readily agreed.)

Hide and Seek (MB's choice)

In Good Company (My choice)

Open Water (dish movie - but don't see this... it sucked - this was actually MB's choice that i agreed on)

Hitch (my choice but MB didn't make it on time. Skye, my brother and i loved it - so this one actually doesn't count)

The Grudge (dvd - skye/MB's choice)

Constantine (Skye/MB's choice - ok by me b/c KR is in it - he was hot, but now, not so much)

(rental - MB's choice - i didn't want to see it, but loved it in the end)

now having typed this out, i think i'm getting scammed. i'm going to have to reevaluate this "you pick one, i pick one" method of choosing. i'm have to be more assertive with my movie choices...

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