Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Nothing changes on New Year's day

Happy New Year!!!

I treasure more and more the times our families get together. When we were younger our lives were driven by what our parents did. When they wanted us all to go for dinner, we'd all go. Now as we all live separate lives, often one or two people cannot make it and surprisingly i feel a little sad that they are not there. This year, everyone made it. I was so happy to see Vince and Jo for Chinese New Year dinner. It's not as if i don't see them often enough, but it's just nice to see them and to catch up. Congee and i discussed this briefly when he bought me lunch the other day and we came to the conclusion that it's all about seating position. Our family is pretty big and even though we are all at dinner together it dosen't necessarily mean we catch up or talk to everyone... so the other night i sat across from and talked to vince and jo :) i'm glad they are back from their extended trip and i'm happy that jo is feeling better.

I love Chinese New Year. my kids always try to convince me that it warrants a day off school and i always contemplate if it warrants a day off work... in the end, nothing changes on new year's day ... i think this is the first year we didn't make it to a Chinese restaurant though. The irony in it all is that a couple of my other friends, also chose not to eat Chinese for CNY too. ... and coincidentally, we all ate Japanese food. Is Japanese food the new Chinese food?? LOL.. all the Japanese places are owned and run by Chinese anyway in this neck of the woods...



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