Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Nobody tells you where to go...

i read about slowpoke's ankle injury yesterday and subconsciously i must have been so jealous, i went out and got my own foot injury...

I'd love to be able to glamourize it by saying it was a hockey injury but it wasn't. in my haste to drive sama to her bf's house i jumped onto the landing that leads to my garage in the dark and half my foot ended up on an ill placed pair of shoes.

my foot stung for a few seconds but as any wanna-be athlete would do, i thought.. walk it off, go play ball hockey. so that's what i did. it didn't really bother me till i got home and had stopped walking on it for a little while.

this morning, it was really sore... but right now, it's not so bad. it'll be better in 3 days.. everything always is.


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