Monday, February 07, 2005

She said you're like a disease without any cure

this was fun... we should have all posted when were we drunk.. wait.. i wasn't drunk.. congee99, why didn't we all blog at thesnowdog's.

did you guys see the fog on saturday night? crazy. i didn't enjoy driving in that at all.

sama's bf seems nice. cute. polite. smart. (smart from what i can tell in the couple hours i spent with him). sama says he's smart. she's so cute now. def. happier. all smiley.

chris sang to me the other night. i was going to ask him to anyway based on a bet he lost ... but he did it anyway without me asking ... i love it when people sing to me.. not that anyone ever does it.. but i love it. laid was my favourite, chris, in case you are inclined to do it again.


Congee said...

It *was* fun, wasn't it?
Awesome to see the Quaduple Sunn Attack on the dance floor... well, it was more 'hopping' and less 'dancing'.
And we really should have tried to knock that guy's toupee off while he was on the dance floor.

Anonymous said...

S. sent me the link to your blog :P. Hi "AUNTEEEE!!!"

Cute? Don't make me blush... Nice? I dunno, I hope so... Polite? I take pride in that. May I help wash the dishes?... Smart? Unless you're referring to the way I dress, I have my doubts :P. Really now, that's really flattering. :P

On a more serious note... I may not have the slightest idea what its like to be a wonder-mum like you, but I'll try to be considerate. I can imagine its nerve-racking, but on that meeting, I intended to just act that way I am. I hope it worked alright. I think I gave off the impression of a suck-up, but I really think you're a cool mum. You've raised a girl to be such a wonderful person, and I've told said to her friend Jood that I am blessed to have met her acquaintence.

To be frank, I'm surprised you aren't more protective of her. However, at the same time, I'm not so surprised. My parents are, well, getting-on (OLD....), and they've tried to embed in me their wealth of knowledge. Thus far, she's shown me that she's incredibly level-headed and mature. From that, although you are a LOT younger than my parents, you've definitely given something to her that is (to me) unusually beyond your age. I dunno where I'm going with this, but I haven't really had the chance yet to sit down with you over a cup of tea, so I spilled my mind here.


I have a xanga blog if you want to keep an eye on me, and know you want to :P.

Anonymous said...

"laid was my favourite"

You got laid? Sweeeeeeeeeeet !!!! :p

Congee said...


Can I call you auntee too?

btw, can't believe S is dating Eddie Haskell.