Sunday, December 05, 2004

run - this is what i named the lipgloss i made

so every time i mention congee99 on my blog, he calls me up and says what a great post my last one was. so in an effort to boost my ego (some would say it's over-inflated already) i'm going to make it a habit of mentioning congee99 frequently so that i can constantly walk around with my head held high knowing that i have enlightened and enriched at least one person's life. congee99 (mention #3, in case you're not counting) also mentioned that kevin luved my 99 list. thanks kev, you're the bestest!!! (where's your 99 list, btw??)

more random ramblings...

i offered to knit my niece a hat a couple weeks ago. i'm pretty new at this knitting thing so the process is often very slow - apparently, very, very slow. after a couple days, all i heard was, "faster, faster - are you done yet?". i grew up only knowing people who knit really fast. my aunts could turn a sweater around in a couple days and when they were really busy, it'd take them a week ... maybe. so i never really learned to appreciate the work involved in hand knitted wear. just put my request in and voila, you have a sweater exactly like you wanted. they were always as nice as the store bought, mass produced sweaters so all was great. when i started knitting i did so in the hopes that i would be able to turn sweaters around in a couple days ... but now as i knit i've noticed that it takes me weeks upon weeks upon weeks in front of the tv to even put tog a garter stitch scarf. how truly pathetic LOL. i know that the process should be faster in time, but sometimes i want things to be fast NOW!!! ... damn.. i'm so impatient! i've got to fix that. i've actually been working on a sweater for sama for at almost a year now. i'm at the point where it's boring me so i've put it down and have been working on other things. perhaps i should not have been so adventurous when i started out. i dunno.

in any case i was reading a few weeks back about two women at a needlework show who could knit approx 274 stitches in 3 minutes. wow.. can you imagine how fast that is?? ... ~1.5 stitches per second!!! anyway when i heard this i couldn't wait to go home to see how i measured up. needless to say, i was more than a little disappointed. so much so, that i didn't even finish timing myself. how can one's fingers move so fast? mind you, they could have been using a better yarn/needle combination that moved faster, and they both were knitters for over 20 years... can i possibly be that fast one day??

anyway, congee99. you should ask ur mom to pull out some needles and yarn next time you go home and grab a stopwatch to time her. last time i saw your mom knit (a few months ago) she was knitting faster than i could think (yeah,.. i know.. i may just not be a fast thinker)... but in any case i thought it looked pretty fast.

i ate a bag of orville reddenbacher microwave popcorn for lunch today. as i reached the bottom of the bag there was a sense of pride. not only was the bag filled with popcorn, the bottom only had a small handful of unpopped kernels. usually i can barely see the bottom of the bag because it is covered in unpopped kernels. there was 39 of them to be exact. the competitor in me almost wants to send out a challenge to see who can get the closest to zero unpopped kernels but being able to eat the rest of the popped cord as well. burnt popcorn does not count. but alas, i'm afraid that my only competitor would be sama so i hesitate. if you eat popcorn, let me know how many unpopped kernels you end up with.

d :)


Congee said...

Great post! Best post ever!!
Your prose are lyrical and whimsical yet offer depth and understanding of the human condition. It offers us a small glimpse into the heart of humanity itself.

P.S. I think my mom did a scarf in one afternoon once for V.

Madman said...

I had more than you.. and I used a hot air popper :)

willoecoyote said...

I have popcorn down to a science.
With my microwave, it takes 3:46 to pop most of the kernels. Last time I have only 3-4 unpopped ones.

RE: " ...just put my request in and voila, you have a sweater exactly like you wanted."
Don't you mean WALLA !?!

RE: "...thanks kev, you're the bestest!!!"
NO ... Amazing T is the BESTEST !!!