Wednesday, December 01, 2004


this must be a good day... i'm posted for the second time today...

i was invited to the funniest place for lunch today. not really funny as in "hahaha" but more funny because of the confusion and giggle you let out when you fully realize what's going on. i don't think i would have ventured into this place on my own and would probably never have even noticed it. small, very tucked away and looking like it has been closed down for months. the sign outside which looks like it should be lit was falling apart and in dire need of some tlc. the inside was a little dirty, parts of the wall was repaired with cardboard and packaging tape. i find out that the restaurant is only open for 2-3 hours a day and only at lunch. only 2 servers. there were about 3-4 large tables that seat about 10 and about the same number of smaller tables which seat around 4. lots of table sharing. i think we ended up sharing with at least 6 other singles/couples/groups for the hour we sat there.

in any case, the restaurant was packed the entire time. the food was familiar yet unique (fish balls the size of billiard balls, filled with meat ??)

this place is definitly busy enough to stay open for longer than a few hours at lunch. prices were excellent and the food was pretty good. the table sharing isn't really my thing, but i can see how it works and packs more people in. every seat was filled and there was a constant stream of people waiting at the door for the next seat available.

they refused to seat anyone until their entire party was there and ready to sit down. they held the table for you, but just didn't let you sit. a little strange but everyone readily accepted it and waited until they could be seated.

there are certain foods there where you just simply are not allowed to pack for home without paying a surcharge but others menu items are packed and sent home with you. i'm not sure how they define what's allowed to be taken home and what isn't though.

the server was not rude, but definitely assertive. anyway, i was def. a little reluctant when i saw the place and had i not been meeting someone else there i prob would have not even noticed it. it def. left a lot to be desired in terms of atmosphere but food was good, company was good - what more is there to ask for?


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Congee said...

So your secret is you found the RH Fishball Nazi?

P.S. I think I found a tattoo design I can work with, now we just have to find our Tattoo guy. :)