Tuesday, November 30, 2004

orange ball, meet buttercup's ass

just wanted to say thanks to my buddy paul from ball hockey for introducing the hard orange ball to my butt last night. i guess i hadn't spent enough time in my life thinking about all the butt muscles that are required when i sit, stand, walk, turn over while i'm sleeping. i've actually spent a significant amount of time thinking about that since.

it's all good though. it's nice to be reminded that there is some muscle in my butt and that it's not all cushion... but having said that, thank goodness there's some cushion back there :)

oh, and while i'm in my thankful mode, i want to thank pete for introducing the counter top to the back of my head a couple nights ago too. i don't recall ever having bruising ON my head before ... although i do recall a doctor saying once that there might have been bruising in my head.

i'm feeling a bit injury prone this week.


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