Wednesday, November 17, 2004

99 things about me.....

i guess this is as good of a place to start as any. congee99 has posted his "99 things about me" list. here is mine. post yours and send me the link.

99 things about me...

1. i love Oprah - a little strange to begin with this one but O seems to be the topic of discussion often lately.
2. i carry water with me all the time thinking that would motivate me to drink more... not sure if it's working. most days i think i just carry the water around - at least i will be prepared should i need to put out a small fire or water a dehydrated plant.
3. i have two awesome girls - sama and skye
4. i have by far the world's cutest niece - jordan
5. i drive a Nissan Altima but my baby is my F4i.
6. my first bike was a ninja 500r.
7. i've had one really close call on my bike so far and my life did flash before my eyes. everything does somehow move in slow motion too.
8. i love the numbers 3 and 8
9. i learned to knit from a book - i don't think i do it well but it's still knitting.
10. i play ice hockey - not well but it's still hockey on the ice.
11. i play ball hockey - ditto.
12. i walk down the stairs from work almost 100% of the time but recently started walking up and only approximately 80% of the time.
13. i am unattached ... and although westley and buttercup makes me want to find true love... sometimes i feel like i can't be bothered to find it.
14. i'm sucker for dimples and a really really great smile :)
15. i am the 2nd of 4 children.
16. my uncle calls me "num-baa two"
17. my parents are really great.
18. but i often miss my dad.
19. i only really started appreciating all that my parents did for us when we were younger a few years ago. you don't really appreciate it until you have children of your own and they start going through what you went through - and there were 4 of us. they must really really love us.
20. i believe in God - but not catholocism.
21. devout, fanatical Catholics make me that way.
22. i often wish i had more faith.
23. i'm tempted to rant about religion but i won't.
24. i often wonder if i'm setting a good example for my kids but so far they're alright so i must be doing something right.
25. when i sleep, you can start a silly conversation with me. yes. i do respond and don't always remember.
26. i can fall asleep pretty much anytime, anywhere. just give me 5 minutes.
27. i am stubborn.. but not irrational... ok.. sometimes irrational.
28. i have taught myself to "wait 3 days" - things always change by the third day.
29. i love wearing lipstick - not always with colour. it keeps my lips moist.
30. i put lip balm on with my fourth finger on my right hand.
31. i wear contact lenses and am trying to wear my glasses more.
32. my favourite flavours of gum are Trident Spicy Cinnamon and Extra Original Bubblegum (the US version)
33. i like crafting just to see if i can make it myself. skye thinks i can do anything when it comes to crafts - math not so much.
34. ball hockey and motorcycling has made me swear off shorts for now. too many bruises and too pasty are my legs - oh.. and it's almost winter
35. sometimes i behave like my skin needs more than what i do with it but it doesn't appear to make a difference that i notice.
36. i saw olivia newton john live when she toured for "physical".
37. i can still sing to barney tunes.
38. i will reach the weight i was at t&d's wedding before my next birthday.
39. my birthday is on april 15th.
40. i have a tattoo and want to get more.
41. patience is not a virtue i possess a lot of. i think i get that from my dad.
42. i'm allergic to some alcohols - very allergic to Gilbey's London Dry Gin
43. come to think of it, i'm allergic to a lot of things. dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, grass, trees, pollen, milk, eggs, some soap, some hand lotions, many perfumes etc etc.
44. Coke, not pepsi.
45. i'm spending way too much time on this list. 99 things about me seemed easier when it was just in my head!!
46. a well timed hug, will def. get you bonus points from me.
47. i used to have a fish named Damaso. it jumped out of its bowl into the heat register and died.
48. we used to have another fish that lost all its fins and swam upside down for months.
49. i used to take pottery ... but ended up with too much pottery so i stopped.
50. i always feel lucky to have a big family and be close to so many of them.
51. my favourite colour is red - but most of my wardrobe is black.
52. baseball bores me.
53. my kids sometimes laugh at the way i dress ... but sometimes, i laugh at the way they dress.
54. we all laugh at the way tina dresses.
55. i'm as excited to see my kids all grown up as i am saddened to see them all grown up.
56. i went trick-or-treating when i was in my 20's.
57. i believe in the ability of psychics even though none have said anything accurate about my future... only accurate about my past.
58. i believe that ghosts and aliens exist.
59. i love long hot bubble baths with a good magazine or sometimes my gameboy wrapped in a ziploc bag - just in case i fall asleep and drop it - perhaps i just need to invest in a game that's more fun.
60. my first car was blue nissan sentra that i got before i had my driver's licence. that got totalled (not by me) and i ended up driving my mom's blue oldsmobile station wagon.
61. i went to class on monday morning during reading week in my first year of university.
62. i love thai and japanese food. (chinese doesn't count)
63. i went to 3 different high schools. Loretto Abbey, Banting HS in London and Newtonbrook SS.
64. i used to play the piano ... and drums ... i still have the piano... but not the drum kit.
65. i was told once upon a time that i looked like Siouxsie Sioux and more recently like a porn star (i'd mention her name, but my kids might be tempted to google it)
66. i used to be in the Bionic Woman club (you know, the one that made a guest appearance on the Six Million Dollar Man before she had her own show, yeah.. that one)
67. i love the smell and feel of freshly showered skin
68. i love taking pictures - thank god for digital
69. sometimes i think i'm funnier than i really am
70. sometimes i think i'm smarter than i really am
71. i always watch The Sound of Music and Grease when it's on.
72. i love to rub my kids' bellies - even though one of them doesn't like it
73. i want to own an orange tag heuer.
74. i want to take both of my kids on a trip this summer.
75. i own a sewing machine and know how to use it.
76. i have my own bowling ball and shoes. i think i've broken 200 once.
77. i love pillows. one day i hope to have a room filled with pillows for me to play in.
78. i like boyleg undies the most but i have others as well.
79. i love to buy underwear.
80. when i was pregnant with sama, i had stretch marks on my bum that looked like flames.
81. i am grateful for having friends that truly care about me.
82. i don't mind washing and drying laundry, and i don't mind folding laundry. i have great difficulty getting it from folded into the drawers.
83. i'm good at shopping and finding good deals. tina's better at finding really good deals though.
84. i once stood so close to michael jordan that i could have punched him in the nose, had i been able to reach his nose.
85. i'm a little competitive.
86. i really love kids and babies.
87. i'm not sure i want more, but i def. can't wait till more of my friends and family have them so that i can play with them.
88. i own a punching bag that i haven't used in a while. i feel a bit guilty about that.
89. i'm afraid to have flabby arms - i think punching the bag helps keep the flab away.
90. i have a gym membership i rarely use but i feel less guilty about that.
91. i am tremendously proud of my kids
92. i've only eaten fast food a couple times since i watched Supersize Me.
93. that doesn't mean i've given up all junk food.
94. taking my kids to watch Supersize Me is one of the best things i've done
95. i'm surprised that one of my friends watches judge judy as religiously as i watch oprah.
96. i will always be 22.
97. i no longer like the smell of flower shops, they remind me of my dad's funeral. in fact, they make me sick now
98. when i die, i would like everyone to get a haircut before attending my funeral.
99. i think you're just awesome for taking the time to read to the bottom of this long winded list. :) thank you.

finally i'm done... this took me 2 days to write... that's sad...



Sama said...

I'm only on 20. Good jub mumsie.

willoecoyote said...

Very nice.
I knew most of it already :p

Congee said...

This was just so beautiful. Thank you for making my evening.

Madman said...

I was inspired to make my own. Thanks Deb :)