Friday, April 01, 2005

Open up my eager eyes

ALL YOU CAN EAT - those words are enticing to say the least.
particularly so, when they are strung together with "SUSHI".

several weeks ago, amazing t sent an email out asking if any of us would like to join her to satisfy her hankering for soft shelled crab rolls at this new all you can eat korean / japanese place nearby. i reluctantly, agreed. ALL YOU CAN EAT - those are dangerous words. i always feel an unexplainable pressure to consume way more food than my body is capable of processing or storing comfortably. growing up, my parents instilled in us the need to not only literally eat all that you can but also eat the expensive food items like meat and seafood... don't bother with the pasta and rice. even on the best of days where i starve myself all day, i can barely ingest what i perceive the value of dinner to be. most of the time, i go in, knowing exactly where to draw the line and then at some point, before i get too full, i stop and i leave content.

the players that night ... yves, amazing t, jord, don, elaine, mama y, skye, me and the adorable MB. we must have had at least a couple hundred pieces of sushi, sashimi, etc. amongst other things... teriyaki, soba, udon, edamame, and some other stuff we only referred to by number. the rolls just kept on coming out.. and just as we finished what we thought was the last plate, another plate came out. we ate and ate and ate and before we all knew it, we were past full. at the end of the night, even laughing hurt because i was so full. i don't ever remember eating that much before... now i know why.

that night i got home and sat with MB - both afraid and unable to move too much. we both agreed that the night's binge was a little outrageous - i even learned something new about him and his abilty to eat. what i believed to be a bottomless pit, in fact did have a bottom.

today, several weeks since our sushi binge, i still think about that night when someone invites me out for sushi. t, don, elaine, skye, jord, mama y and i think even yves, all have gone several times since. mb and i, we haven't indulged in sushi at a restaurant in weeks. i know for a fact that this is by far the longest time i've gone with out having a roll of some sort. i think i'm due for some soon... anyone want join me??? just say when...


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