Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Twenty Three

Yesterday was Sama's birthday.

She is 23 and in all of her years, i don't recall her ever asking me to make her a cake. I'm still not sure she actually asked for a cake but somehow, Skye and I spent all of Monday baking and decorating.

If i had to guess, this whole cake business was probably Skye's idea. (She watches far too much Food Network and all those "Cake Challenge" type programs results in a lot of "great ideas".)

In any case, this year, i was told that i'd be helping to make a cake. A hobbit hole cake. I know what a hobbit is, but where the hobbit lives? Really?!?

Having seen the movies once, maybe twice, I vaguely remember the scene in the movie where Gandalf visits Bilbo and something also something about a shire but that's about it when it comes to those halflings.

I visited my friend, Google, many times for info and YouTube also gave me lots of tips and called upon some of my cake making friends.

Luckily for me (not!), the 15 disk blu ray of the trilogy just got released and i had no problem convincing GC and Skye to show me the shire again.

Here it is...

Looks like she liked it.

Happy Birthday Sama!